31 weeks down … Almost there!

Again it’s been ages since I posted. It’s for better reasons this time than my previous absence though. I’ve just been so busy preparing and living life that sometimes (read: all the time) I’m too tired to update this thing. I spend a lot of time on my Babycenter birth board too so that’s where I usually write things. I’m going to go through a lot of stuff though since it’s been almost a month.

We are now fully adjusted to life with Clayton doing 3 week Canadian rotations. We’ve worked out his leave and vacation from work for when the baby comes and have coincided it perfectly with the move. He comes home next Thursday, which will actually end up being Friday by the time he travels (10/16) and then he’ll be home for three weeks. He’ll go back out for two then come home with one week unpaid time off and 4 weeks of paternity leave / vacation time. Our plan is to move Thanksgiving weekend and have everything ready to go. My c-section has been scheduled for the 11th of December but I don’t think I’ll last that long and neither does the doctor. Still, that’s the time frame as we have it now.

My baby shower was September 19. My friend flew in from Vegas and it was a great bash. My friend Crystal worked sooo hard on it and everything was perfect. It was small but I got so many awesome presents and loved celebrating with everyone. There were minions everywhere and omg the cake was so good. All I can say is that Kristopher is a lucky little boy to have as many people who love and care about him as he does. I think everything’s gonna be all right. I had an amazing weekend and everyone that helped do things for it will have my eternal gratitude.

I’m having bi-weekly doctor appointments for both my regular OB and my MFM at this point. We keep having to increase my dosage of insulin at night because the placenta keeps raising my fasting blood sugars. This is something she told me would happen but it still is hard not to be frustrated sometimes. Blood pressure is steady which is good because pre-eclamsia has always been a risk factor. Baby is a little big but not alarmingly so, and overall I’m pleased with the health part of the pregnancy. I have had some pretty crazy itching on my hands and feet at night so today my doc ran a liver panel and bile test just to be sure that there was no cholestasis. I expect it to be normal though.

Next week we are taking maternity photos at a pumpkin patch. It’s sort of maternity/family and I’m doing pics for my friends too. It’s hard to feel good when I’m as big as a house – especially in the tummy – but I feel like I’d hate not having this part of my life documented, especially considering how hard I worked and planned to get here. Next time I post will be with new pictures!

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