A Day of Doctors

Yesterday was a pretty long day. I’m going to detail as much of this as I possibly can, but who knows if I’ll remember everything because it was a lot of information to let sink in. It also started fairly early (for me), but by the end of the day I was both elated and exhausted.

I’ll start with a little backstory. I was diagnosed with type II diabetes a year and a half or so ago, but I didn’t really care to control it – that is, I didn’t care until I started to try to get pregnant. The OB that I saw at the first of the year told me I couldn’t get pregnant if my diabetes was uncontrolled. She said I shouldn’t start, and I wouldn’t be responsible, and a few other things. I decided to accept that challenge. Stubborn me started to control my diabetes. My family doctor did my blood work in February and it was a 9.0; now, granted, I’d not been on good medication and I hadn’t been taking care of myself, but the doctor was going to put me on insulin if I had another A1C that high.

At my last doctor’s appointment they took eight vials of blood for testing and what-not, one of those tests of which were another A1C. I had called and got the results before hand and it had gone down to a 5.9! All the work that I’ve done has paid off! I hadn’t gotten any feedback from the doctor though so that was due yesterday.

I started the morning at 10:30 with the genetic counselor. She asked Clayton and me about our ethnic background (apparently calling my husband a “mutt,” even if it was in an endearing and loving way, gets dirty looks from both Clayton and the counselor). She explained some risks that we had from my age and we opted for the blood work that tests for chromosomal abnormalities. This test also tests for gender so I was just 100000% on board for it! She didn’t think there were any other real risks so that was the only thing we really did. She did explain how I am a carrier of the color blind gene because my dad is color blind. It’s passed down through the X chromosome from the father to the daughter. So, if we have a son there’s a 50% chance he’ll be color blind. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s something to look out for.

After I was done with her I had my first appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor and it was better than I was bracing myself for. They did the NT scan and I got to see my little baby on the screen! He or she was jumping around and swimming all over and they couldn’t really get a good still shot, but they did date the baby six days further ahead than my regular ob. At their calculations I should be due December 12, which was a day off of my calculations and more accurate from when I know I ovulated and conceived. She talked to me about managing my diabetes and blood pressure and when I told her about my previous 9.0 A1C she was over the moon with my progress. She was kind and considerate and gave me lots of helpful tools. I left that office feeling amazing and happy.

After a lunch at Jason’s deli, I went to get my blood drawn for the genetic testing. With that out of the way it was time for my afternoon appointments. I had the briefest visit ever with my doctor, but it went well. I only gained four pounds (much to my amazement) and she said she wasn’t ready to move my due date up just yet, which is fine. I still think december 12 is right and she will eventually too. She thought everything was fine and she congratulated me on taking care of myself. It felt good.

When I was done there, I had a visit with the business office of the ob and we had a discussion about the insurance and what we’d have to pay if our out of pocket maximums weren’t met already. I’m glad they were because being high risk, old, and needing a C section? Well let’s just say the charges are pretty astronomical. I’m glad that we timed the baby like we did. Big props to God for allowing our time table to be his time table.

Last but not least, a baby photo!

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