About the Estepps

Clayton and Kellie Estepp: Married February 15, 2013. We are a happy couple living in Humble, Tx (the H is silent!) with our two dogs (Ivy and Einstein) and are working on bringing a little tiny Estepp into the world. They are both active members in orchestra and worship at Second Baptist Church North in Kingwood, Tx and have many family and friends in the area.

Clayton is a geologist and has a degree from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. He currently is a Data Analyst for Schlumberger and works in the Gulf of Mexico. He plays soprano saxophone and his hobbies are World of Warfcraft and other video games, Magic: the Gathering and collecting movies.

Kellie is a work-at-home graphic designer originally from Lebanon, TN. She designs tokens for Magic: the Gathering and does websites freelance from her studio. She plays alto saxophone, guitar, and a variety of other instruments. Her hobbies are also world of Warcraft and other games, Magic: the Gathering, cooking, writing music, creative writing, and spending time with the dogbabies.