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However, some public reactions to these high-level accusations have been of concern, including attempts to question the legitimacy of the specialized chambers and allegations that they were politically motivated. Specialized chambers and specialized prosecutors are an integral part of Kosovo`s judicial system, whose mandates are essential for the rule of law and its future. Hoti`s government, governed by a narrow majority, faces considerable parliamentary opposition and very different priorities among coalition partners. After being in place for just over 100 days, ongoing disagreements between the parties and difficulties in finding compromises have hampered and delayed their reactions in critical areas. Despite the historic tensions, Serbia and Kosovo have taken courageous steps to normalize economic relations. On September 4, the two countries signed, through the United States, agreements committing themselves to cooperate on a wide range of economic issues. The International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses developments in the Middle East and the Balkans. IFIMES analysed the separate agreements that Serbia and Kosovo have signed with the United States on “economic normalization” and their implications. We bring the most interesting excerpts from a comprehensive analysis entitled “2020 Serbia-Kosovo Agreement: New era of Serbia-US Political and Economic Relations”. In accordance with the terms of the signed agreements, Serbia will suspend its official and unofficial efforts for a period of one year and encourage other States either not to recognize Kosovo or to revoke existing recognition. In return, Kosovo will not apply for new memberships in international organisations for the same period. .

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