Alur Cerita Wedding Agreement

I haven`t seen this movie yet. It turns out that there is a lot of wisdom behind the plot. Although the end was guessed, but coke always curious yes and want to watch live, hello Hello. The film Wedding Agreement (2019) is based on the previously published novel on Wattpad of the same name by Mia Chuz. Told by a man who, after the marriage, gave a letter of the agreement to his wife to agree within a year will be the divorce. Here is the inner dilemma of the woman who really wants to live the marriage, but the husband has an ex-fiancé who is always loved. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Mia Chuz and was published on July 27, 2019. Previously, the story was written in the novel mia on the website wattpad. If jama first, many simbah2 married because of marriage and minimal separation, and they bahagia2 only. Rarely separated for fraud let alone KDRT. I don`t know why I can`t do this now. Movies are ideal stories, but at least there are good things that can be applied in life.

The message contained in the history of the marriage agreement, which consists of behaving well with the spouse, not playing with the marriage, and when it is related to the rope of marriage, must be engaged and responsible. In addition, you choose a partner for four things, his wealth, his progeny, his face and his religion. But we have to put his religion first. The film tells the story of conflicts in married life. The film was released on August 8, 2019, but you can now watch it for free on the viu app. The film directed by Archie Hekagary reached more than 734,000 viewers within two weeks of its release. The film does not explain why Tari and Bian were engaged. However, the novel tells the reason for Tari and Bian`s match. In addition, the endings are different in films and novels.

Archie Hekagery`s film tells the story of a married couple, Tari Hapsari (Indah Permatasari) and Byantara Wicaksana (Refal Hady). At first, their budget went smoothly and without constraints.