Army Continued Service Agreement

8 We recommend that the superior of the employee`s first line also sign the CSA. Agencies have the option to include additional signatures in the form, for example. B a second-tier supervisor, a human resources manager, a training manager or the Chief Human Capital Officer. Q. How is the CSA`s commitment set? Has. Section 41 08 (a) (l) of Title 5, United States Code, stipulates that the continuation of operation after the completion of the training is at least three times longer than the duration of the training. For example, if the course were 120 hours, the continuation of the mandatory operation would be at least 360 hours (120 hours out of 3). Three times the duration of the training is the minimum. Agencies have the option of increasing the time required for the service beyond the minimum. 10 For university programs, agencies generally calculate the length of continuous service based on the university`s contact periods.

This method establishes an effective minimum obligation for the continuation of the service and gives agencies the flexibility to set the necessary periods of service above the minimum required to achieve their specific objectives in terms of the use of the university stream. Additional assistance in calculating the time spent on continuing the service as part of a university program can be found in the Training Guidelines Manual on the MPA website at #QA Q. What are the costs that can be included in an agency`s policy? A. An agency may require staff who do not meet CSA requirements to reimburse agencies for training costs such as: courses, books and equipment, other expenses (laboratory fees), travel, travel and other administrative costs per day, including investment and selection costs. 2 The law requires that the worker must agree in writing, prior to training, to work at least three times longer in the federal government. If the worker voluntarily leaves the federal government before the agreed period of service expires, the Agency has the right to recover the payment. Each agency must develop its own policy for implementing this law. The Agency must indicate in its policy and CSA agreement whether workers are required to reimburse the full costs of training or to pay an amount commensurate with the remaining portion of the CSA.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has received numerous requests for continuation contracts (CSAs). 4 If the worker voluntarily leaves the federal government before the agreed amount, the Agency has the right to recover the payment. The Agency must develop its own CsA (Continued Service Agreement) directive and have staff signed the CSA before training begins. The director of an agency may decide to waive, in whole or in part, the Agency`s right to collection, if it is shown that the takeover is contrary to equity and good conscience or the public interest. Some facts about Continuous Service Agreements (CSAs) include: an agency manager defines the requirements and minimum duration of transmission before a CSA is required from a staff member. Continuing the activity after training is at least three times longer than the duration of the training, but agencies have the opportunity to take more time. Agencies may require service agreements for long-term or long-term training. With this power, agencies protect their investment and provide service time to a staff member once staff have completed the training.