Breaking Lease Agreement Alberta

We were still a month old and wanted to leave early because our apartment was so horrible that it became a burden on our mental health. We talked to our landlord who agreed that if we found someone, we could just end it prematurely and you can start a new 12 month lease at the same price and everything. There are certain situations where a lessor or tenant may be able to “break the lease” or end the lease prematurely. If the tenant or lessor has committed a material breach of the tenancy agreement, 14 days` notice may be given to terminate the tenancy, or an application may be made through the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service or the Provincial Civil Court to terminate the tenancy. For more information, see our pages on eviction notices and the tenant`s 14-day notice. I would just like to clarify something about our stable lease. If we break the lease, are we responsible for the rent for the rest of the lease? The lease is a legal and binding contract that can be used by the court in case of legal problems between the lessor and the tenant. In the province of Alberta, landlords and tenants must meet certain conditions in order to successfully enter into a lease. If the real estate order only repaints the new one, changes the flooring or performs routine maintenance work, this does not fall under the category of “major renovations”. This is not considered a good reason to break a lease in Alberta. In the case of a fixed-term lease in which a tenant is required to stay for a fixed period (usually one year) and pay rent, both the tenant and the lessor must wait until the end of the agreed period before terminating the lease agreement. It`s important to have a lease to resolve issues before they cause legal complications – which normally occur when a party decides to terminate the contract.

The lessor must pay your deposit with interest within 10 days of your departure from the premises. If the lessor does not return your deposit within 10 days, he must provide a written statement in which he creates the reasons why he did not pay it. If you owe money for rental, cleaning, damage to the apartment or other costs related to the premises, the landlord will withdraw this amount….