Pin-spiration strikes again

handcrafted jewelry

So, this up above here? Completely pinterest (and friend) inspired. I watched a tutorial on pinterest about how to make basic beads using just plain white paper and mod podge. Since I’m (always, in every aspect of my life) taking basic recipes and making them more grandiose, this project was no exception. Let’s add lots of color splashes. Let’s add some sparkle. Now let’s pair it with some cool glass seed beads and some handcrafted clay beads as well.

handcrafted beads

Let’s even get nerdier. Let’s involve Pokemon – most specifically, the Pokeball.

pokemon jewelry

Before long, I’m going to have an entire arsenal of cool bracelets to layer (the silver ones I did not make obviously – my wonderful boyfriend got those for me for Valentine’s Day, along with a very special jewelry armoire. What an amazing find – the boy, not the jewelry armoire).

handcrafted jewelry

So yeah, new obsession. I was sick yesterday and so since I couldn’t work, I camped out on the couch and crafted lots of beads. I can’t wait to see what I come up with next!

Super Mario Inspired Jewelry

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super mario jewelry

So this was a bit of inspired crafting on my part. I was rolling around the clay in my hands, trying to think of something cool to do and I had just hapened to be thinking about mushrooms. And from mushrooms, I went back to one of my favorite games of all time, Super Mario Bros. So, yeah. These mushrooms were born. They’re sparkly and girly, with just a hint of geek chic. I love them so much I’ve made like five colors for myself. My favorite? The dark purple with white spots and brown stem. I need to photograph those They’re hand painted over the dark purple clay as opposed to the translucent clay I used for the others and painted it all – and then doused in a bit of translucent sparkly fairy dust paint to make it absolutely gorgeous.