Working on Three

Hello there! I’ve been trying to think about how I wanted to start this blog and little insight into my family. I suppose first off introductions are in order, though chances are if you know about this blog you know at least one of us. Still, however, I feel like I should probably introduce us. I’m Kellie, the female counterpart of this operation and the one who will probably be doing most (if not all) of the writing and blogging for this site. I’m a 37 year old graphic designer who freelances web design and makes tokens for my favorite game, Magic: the Gathering. I am the mommy to two 10 year old West Highland White Terriers, Einstein and Ivy. They’re my sweetiepies and lovebugs.

Clayton is my handsome husband. He’s a genius almost 30 year old geologist that currently works on an offshore oil rig. He’s gone half of the year on a four week on / four week off rotation. It’s a tough life but we manage to work it well. He is also a very talented saxophone player, as I am! We both worship and perform at Second Baptist Church North in Kingwood, Tx.

Now that I’ve told a little bit about ourselves, I’ll tell a little bit about the purpose of this blog. We have decided to grow our little family by one so we have started trying to have a baby. I want to detail our trials and tribulations, our successes and adventures along the way. I want to talk about raising our baby and what it takes to make one. I know that it’s a little late in life to think about a child but I’ve only been married and settled for a couple years. We’re just now ready to start. So, in a few days we start!