An After and An Afterthought

I showed below about my horrible rosacea and how splotchy my face looks without any makeup at all. I have a process, and said process takes a while to achieve something I can wear out of the house. My doctor has me taking ten days of minocycline to see if we can clear up the redness and the breaking out. I hope this works, because I’d like to be able to not have to splotch concealer all over my face. This is a regular face routine for me.

Moisturizer: CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
Primer: Almay Color Correct Primer
Foundation: Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation
Concealer: SheerCover duo concealer
Powder: Nyx Stay Matte powder foundation

Everything else I wear depends on my mood that day. I’ve been really in love with a certain pink and purple look for my eyes I got on Pinterest. It’s a little color around the top and edges, then dark shimmer over the lids. I have hooded eyes so it’s a good look for me.

The finished look?

Not too shabby, right?

I also recently moved, so it gave me the chance to completely organize and sort through my makeup collection. I have a darling iron vanity that I’ve had for a while now. Along with it? A plastic three-drawer unit that holds the makeup. Top drawer is face stuff and lip stuff and eyeliners. Second drawer is loose eye shadows and various creams. The bottom drawer is for all of my palettes. On top rests my nail polishes and removers. Then I keep the vanity for all my hair products, moisturizers, primer and brushes. Here’s what it looks like now.

The Battle Station

Two pills down into this treatment. Still itchy face. Hopefully that’s one of the first symptoms to go, because it’s one of the most annoying.

New Changes and New Directions

No, not the Glee group.

See, I started this blog to strictly be for recipes I create and to display wearable art I was selling on ETSY. While I will still do both of these things, I have decided to make a few changes on this blog. My friend at Disasters in Makeup told me I could do anything I wanted and this blog could be anything it wanted to be.

So it’s anything it wants to be now. I had a recent doctor visit. Diagnosed with diabetes, I had to make a lot of changes in my diet. It was long overdue, being Fatty McFatterton anyway. I’m just trying a lot harder now. I’ve been cooking most every night and working on formulating meals that are not only healthy, but taste good. I have a skinny husband that can eat everything and not have him affected in the least. I have a process when I go through trying to make a new recipe for this site. I experiment the first time I make it, and if it works well, then I work it up for the site the next time I make it. So I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now. Initial tests are good, so I’m going to start posting more healthy, diabetic friendly recipes as I go.

The next change is this: makeup and beauty. I’m a crazy makeup buff. One day I’ll post a picture of my “workstation” so you can see just exactly how many beauty products I actually have. This same doctor visit diagnosed me with rosacea. I’d known I had it for a while but at least now I’m being treated for it. I start my medication today, so I’m going to post a “before” photo. I’m also posting a photo later to show you how much makeup helps deal with rosacea. It’s a terrible affliction, really. My cheeks and nose are super red and splotchy, and not only that but it breaks out, it peels, and it stings. It also itches to high heaven, especially when I wear makeup. So it’s like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I am pretty good with foundation and concealer though, and look like a normal person when I’m done. Here’s my before! #nofilterlolz

All my red-faced glory

Later today I will post a full makeup covered up photo and talk a bit about my routine. And show you my battle station! Huzzah!