It’s Been Over Two Weeks . . .

I promised to keep on myself for at the very least posting a Wednesday Gratitude every Wednesday no matter what. Then July happened.

On June 30, my husband came home from his very last offshore hitch. He will be starting rotations in Canada as I may have mentioned before which is both cool and scary at the same time. I was super excited to see him, but that was short-lived as he picked up the stomach bug that I had a few days prior that left me feeling grosser than gross. It hit him way harder. After a day of 101.4 fever and him developing worse symptoms, I took him to urgent care so that he could be seen. Out of all his symptoms they tunnel visioned on chest pains and ended up doing an EKG that was abnormal and resulted to him being sent to the ER in an ambulance. The EKG was also abnormal there, but as he was fine otherwise and was having no signs of anything heart related (including full bloodwork done) he was sent home with instructions to follow up with an electrocardiologist as soon as possible.

The next day, my mother died. It was really sudden. She went into the ER Monday (the day my husband came home) and was in hospice by that night, so three days later she was gone. What this meant for us was that we had to leave directly after my normal doctor appointments on Thursday and make a 14 hour drive to Tennessee. We got there around 8 am that Friday morning, the funeral visitation was at 10 am, the memorial at 1 and after a night’s rest and evening spent catching up with my family we were back on the road towards home Saturday morning. We got back in the wee hours late Saturday night. It was a lot to go through, especially while pregnant, but I’m just glad it was still early so I felt like travel and could do it safely.

I thought things were going to settle down and they did for a little while. The only problems I seemed to have were that I couldn’t keep my blood sugar high and stable enough during parts of the day, so I’ve been working with my doctor to work on that.

Clayton’s been pursuing figuring out what was wrong with his body and this past week we finally got some answers which posed more questions. The electrocardiologist said that Clayton does show the brugada syndrome pattern in his ekg from the hospital and the urgent care but that does not necessarily mean he has the syndrome. He’s going to have a test done but unfortunately it only has a 70% detection rate or so – so, if it comes up positive we will go straight to a pacemaker if I am correct in what I understood. If it is negative, we have three options. option 1 is do nothing and avoid medications that might kill him. Option 2 is put a chip in that may or may not tell when his heart is acting up. Option 3 is go into the hospital and aggressively test. Purposely take the meds that basically would set up a heart attack and if it shows up get a pacemaker.

Brugada syndrome is called the “Widow maker” because it has no warning usually before someone just drops dead from it. The pattern in the heart was detected on those EKG’s probably because he’d been suffering from a fever the day before and the timing was just great. I’m gonna thank God for that one because otherwise, if this is what we’re dealing with, something terrible could’ve happened. We are pretty sure if this test turns out negative we’ll go with option number 2 and just hope that it works. 3 is too terrifying for me to even consider, because even if he’s in a hospital what if they can’t revive him and something goes wrong? No thank you.

Lastly, today I about broke my arm. Slammed it into a heavy door that was swinging towards me and the hard metal handle cracked me right in the arm. There’s a ginormous knot and it looks pretty ugly but it is not fractured which is a good thing. I’ll take small miracles right now. Saturday Clayton leaves for driving training and his little sister comes to visit for a week. I will try to get back on track this coming Wednesday, but with her here who knows? It won’t be two weeks though, I can promise that. I know it sounds like a clusterbuck I’ve been through lately and while it has been, I am keeping positive and keeping happy. Life is good.

Wednesday Gratitude, Back on Track!

I’ve been dealing with a completely nasty stomach bug and while I’m not 100%, I am good enough to keep my post on time. Look at me go! Not much in the way of introduction today. Next post I do will hopefully be a nursery update because I have been soso busy! I left part of my fabric at my friends’ last weekend so I have to get that before I can get a lot of it done but I am excited to get started! The crib bumpers are almost done.

1. My Body’s Ability To Heal

I got sick a few days ago; it was a very rough stomach thing and I ended up at the ER spending most of the night getting fluids and having “just in case” tests run. Turns out everything is fine except I was a little dehydrated. I am glad for the peace of mind and I am glad that everything is ok. The first night was absolutely terrible, with chills and fever and gross feeling. I am glad that even though my illnesses usually come on fast and strong, they leave just as abruptly and quickly. Sure, I’m not 100% yet but I am functional and that is good enough for me since I can’t really medicate properly.

2. Netflix (and Hulu), How I Love You

I have been spending a lot of time on the couch lately. Sitting at the desk hurts my back and butt so I tend to lounge as much as I can and work on the laptop or knit while I watch wither hulu or netflix on the home theater system (love that thing, by the way! It’s so awesome since we don’t have cable). It’s a blessing and a curse because I breeze through shows and then have to figure out something else to watch. It’ll be better as the fall hits and shows come back from summer break – but right now there’s less to watch. In the past few weeks I blew through 6 seasons of Parenthood, 2 seasons of The Fosters, and have finally decided to start Agents of Shield.

3. Things That Are Meant To Be

Without going into too much detail, I have an opportunity for a job pop up that I am very excited about. It would not only help me grow in my faith but also in my passions for life so I am really thankful for the opportunity. Even the way it popped up just made me believe in divine intervention. I can’t wait to see what this is going to bring for me!

Life is good. I’m feeling better. 🙂

Wednesday Gratitude – Almost A Week Late

I feel like the worst person in the world for missing last week’s gratitude post. I’ve been adjusting to insulin and spending time with people and I just let the week get away with me. I’d meant to do it after my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, but then – oops! It just kept going on and here we are on Monday.

I really want to be consistent with this so I will be updating again this week. Keeping it real!

1. My Excellent Prenatal Care

I am so fortunate to have the doctors that I have. Not only do I have a kind, compassionate amazing obstetrician but I have a maternal fetal medicine doctor that is absolutely amazing. This entire team is working to manage any complications that come through and so far so good; should any health problems arise, I have every confidence that we will tackle it (and win) together. With hearing horror stories of people that want new doctors, that think theirs is unkind and uncaring. I’ve never once felt anything but comfortable in either doctor’s office … well, except for when the sonogram presses in deeply.

2. A Healthy Baby At My Age

I just am glad that at almost 38 years old and as a diabetic with high(ish) blood pressure there has been, so far, no abnormalities detected or chromosomal deformities. The risk gets increasingly higher as you age and yet the baby we are having seems to be perfectly fine. The knowledge of this has cancelled out any sort of misgivings about the gender of the baby, even though I was so set on having a girl. Healthy trumps everything, right?

3. Being Creative and Crafty

We knew from the beginning if we had a boy, we’d be doing our nursery in the Despicable Me minions theme. I will be posting a nursery update soon but I have started working on it. There really are no nursery decorations, no crib sets, no anything in minions style. I found some wall decals and cute little toy chests at Michael’s but everything else? I am making it myself. Luckily I have found cloth at Wal Mart and Jo Ann’s fabrics. I have gotten three types of minions cloth and a few solid colors to coordinate. Right now I’ve got one crib bumper side and half of the blanket done. After looking online and seeing custom crib sets for upwards of $500-600 and that’s not counting decor, curtains or anything, I’m going to come out with most of our decorations and bedding for under $50 because I am designing and making it all myself. Then, once it’s all ready, I will possibly sell other sets. I’m just thankful that God gave me the creative ability to do all of this on my own for a fraction of the price.

I really, really have a lot to be thankful for and I’m reminded of that every time I make these posts. So that being said, I think it’s a good thing. I will keep on them and hopefully do them in a little more timely fashion.

Wednesday Gratitude Time Again!

I had to make sure I didn’t forget to make a Wednesday gratitude post. I have the tendency sometimes to start something with good intentions and then just not follow through. I get busy, I can’t be bothered to do something on the same day every day, things like that. I have plenty to be thankful for this week, and while I was hoping knowing the gender of baby E would be on that list, I haven’t gotten that magical call yet. I really want to call in and stalk them to see if it’s come in, but I won’t. I’ll be strong. Only a few more days, right? So without further ado, here is what I am most thankful for today:

1. A Clean Breast Ultrasound

I’d been having some sharp bordering on severe pain in one of the girls and my doctor, after not feeling anything out of the ordinary, decided to send me down for an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. It was today and those results came back immediately. Everything looked normal and fine. Of course I’m still hurting periodically, but as long as I know there’s nothing wrong I can deal with that. Everything is just fine. Now if only my other test results would come in!

2. Our Family’s Adaptability

Earlier this week we were given a pretty sudden shock: instead of the nice Monday-Friday here in Houston job my husband was going to be given, he’s being transferred to Canada for six months to a year. He’ll fly to some northern remote part of British Columbia for four weeks, then come home for four weeks off and on until the end of November when he’ll be off for the baby’s arrival. I know we’ve been doing this for three years but there was a finite end to it and we were looking forward to this next hitch being his last one. Now we’ve got to adjust all over again. And while I know this seems like it’s a bit of complaining, it’s really just back story. I was upset and worried but we’ll get through it. The outpouring of support and friendship from people as I talked about it on Facebook and in person was quite good. We have a great network of family and friends to support us and help keep us sane and ultimately we will adapt and get through it and that’s what I love about our family.

3. Sleep, Glorious Sleep . . .

As I progress further along I am finding more of my energy; however, I still am needing a good night’s sleep to recharge to tackle my day. The weekends are tough for me because I have to get up so early on Sunday mornings (for a great reason) and i almost always take a nap when we get home Sunday afternoons. Right now, I’m completely thankful for any ounce of sleep I get.

That’s it for today! Hopefully the next post I make will be announcing what gender this little bean is!

Wednesday Gratitude

pregnancy blog
because who doesn’t like a little Dean Winchester?

On my friend Katie’s ranch life blog she has been posting things she’s grateful for on Wednesday and has challenged others to do it as well. It came at a weird time for me because I was thinking about the direction of this blog myself and how when I originally started it I felt like I’d have all these insightful things to say while being pregnant because obviously I’m the only woman ever to be pregnant and go through the experience I am in the history of time ever … right? Not so much. I could fill up posts and posts about morning sickness and bloating, about how every little smell of anything sets me off, and of course I’m sure I’ll still be spouting off some of that (though some of my first trimester symptoms are dying down thankfully). I don’t want to be a complainer. This pregnancy is a gift and one that I prayed for quite a bit, and I want to be positive and happy and promote peace and energy. So I think a Wednesday gratitude post is the perfect thing for me. It reminds me that no matter how stressful life might be at any given time there are great things that I should be thankful for – and well, all of us need a reminder of that sometimes.

1. My Church Family

I’ve said it before but I really, really feel connected to my church home. I was telling a friend yesterday that if you had told me a year ago I’d be finding comfort in a giant church with six campuses and tens of thousands of members, I’d have laughed at you. That being said, I was convinced the first time I visited that Second Baptist was the church I wanted to be a part of. I have never really regretted that decision too. Everyone is nice and kind and genuine. I am especially thankful for my church orchestra. It not only gives me an outlet for creative expression, it gives me a way to serve and be connected and meet other people. I not only have a good time but I leave every time feeling good. And sometimes there’s cupcakes. Cupcakes are great for pregnant women.

2. My Sweet Husband and Doggies

My family here at home right now consists of me, my husband, and two sweet dogs – westies, or west highland white terriers. With their powers combined they make my days brighter and fill my heart with more love than I ever thought possible. Ivy, the female is definitely a daddy’s girl. She shadows Clayton wherever he goes and loves to sit in his lap and will pester him when he does. My Einstein though, my slow chubby boy.. that’s a mama’s boy through and through. He could literally spend all day snuggling me on the couch if I’d let us. And what can I say about my handsome amazing husband? He takes care of me and that is a tall order. I’m stubborn and sometimes forget to take care of myself because I’m busy with everyone else. He’s my voice of reason and he keeps me grounded and calm when I need it. I can always count on him for anything and vice versa. I really am a happy camper whenever he’s home!

3. Working From Home

I’ve had to slow down a little bit since being pregnant, but working at home is the best. I can stop to be sick if I need to be. I can work while lounging on the couch and binge watching Parenthood. I can take my work wherever with me (and it’s survived countless moves and lifestyle changes). It will continue to allow me to be at home with our child and not have babysitters involved, while being available to my husband when he needs me or when he’s home and spending plenty of time with family. Creating websites and graphics also gives me yet another creative outlet which is something that keeps me calm, sane and happy – so everyone wins!

So what are you thankful for? I challenge you to at least think about it once a week, and I am sure the world won’t look so bad.