Frederick Community College Articulation Agreement

Ask Frederick Community College and any other colleges or universities you attended to send transcripts to Shippensburg University. If you have completed less than 13 college credits, you must also send your high school transcripts. Work-study admission agreements are not binding on students. If you decide not to visit Shippensburg University after signing an intent form, you may terminate your dual accreditation agreement by sending written notice to Shippensburg University and Frederick Community College. “We want our students to have plenty of opportunities to pursue their educational or career goals at the end of their studies at the FCC,” said Elizabeth Burmaster, FCC President. “This is the latest of many agreements we have with four-year institutions that ease our students` transition and save them time and money.” The articulation agreement signed today by officials at FCC College in Frederick, Maryland, gives FCC associate graduates an average of at least 2.0 benefits that make continuing their education at Wilson as smooth as possible, including granting full junior status at Wilson if they transfer 60 credits. Students receive Wilson`s admission fee and qualified FCC students also receive academic advice coordinated by both colleges to ensure they take courses that can be applied to their bachelor`s degree. Frederick, Md.─ Wilson College and Frederick Community College (FCC) have entered into an agreement that guarantees the admission of qualified FCC students to the Wilson Bachelor`s degree and allows them to transfer all credits earned with a grade of C or better earned credits. “We are pleased to be working with Frederick Community College on this agreement as it expands Wilson`s presence and provides FCC students with a smooth path to a Wilson Bachelor`s degree,” said Wilson, Vice President for Academic Affairs Elissa Heil. “Students will gain professionally by having the tools they need to achieve even more success.” The agreement was signed by Heil and Tony D. Hawkins, FCC-Propst and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Continuing Education and Human Resource Development.

Hood College has partnered with a number of community colleges to enter into enrollment agreements that facilitate the student transfer process. For more information on certain agreements, please select your university below. Hood has entered into an agreement with the Montgomery College Honorarium Program. Shippensburg University offers programs for Frederick Community College graduates to finalize their bachelor`s degree through a dual admission agreement. FCC sees this agreement with Wilson as a unique opportunity for its graduates to continue their education.