Growing Pains with Peanut

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I know the last I posted I had talked about finishing up the detail from our trip to Tennessee, but since it’s been so long I figured I’d give a pregnancy life update. That’s the reason for my quiet really. Just trying to survive this first trimester and stay on track. It is rough on some days for sure.

In a day or so I’ll be 8 weeks pregnant. They tell me my baby is the size of a kidney bean and he or she is developing appendages and growing healthy and strong. I am trying to do my part by managing my diabetes and blood pressure and I have been doing exceptionally well with a few random spikes. I feel confident in knowing that the next time my A1C comes back, I’ll have this well under control. It’ll just keep getting better over time too, which is something good to consider since I do not want to have the issues my dad is having when I’m a little older. I told my husband the other day I’m doing so well with it that my goal is to keep it up even after pregnancy just to have a healthy lifestyle. The one thing I don’t have a super good handle on is fasting blood sugar. While it’s usually not crazy (today was 110) it’s supposed to be under 100.

I have been dealing with the typical first trimester symptoms. Sore boobies, morning sickness that lasts whenever the heck it wants to (though I have at least not had too much problem with smells setting it off – a few times, but not many) and either fatigue or insomnia. Oh and the back pain. I know this little peanut is growing and there are going to be some growing pains so I’m just handling it as best as I can. Clayton comes home on Monday so there’s that. I have been keeping really busy with music and orchestra rehearsals and concerts, but I am glad that I’m about to have him home to make my days not so monotonous. It’ll be nice to have a month with him helping mow, do things around here, etc.

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening too. I have three large tomato plants that are starting to pop some baby green tomatoes, a nice blooming squash plant that has pretty flowers on it, bell pepper plant, and a few others in the works. I plan to eat well all summer long for this little miracle baby. So long story short, so far so good. I’m excited and things are going well. First doctor appointment is next week when I’ll be around 9 weeks along and I absolutely cannot wait!

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