In Memoriam

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and I feel that it is more than appropriate for me to remember all of our fallen heroes. Without these heroes I would not be in the United States and have been given the opportunity I have been afforded.

You always hear about the Memorial Day sales and the folks at Walmart wishing you a happy Memorial Day. You don’t ever hear the taps being played at the cemetaries or see the tears of those who have lost someone while defending our great country. I’m not barbeque bashing by any means. I do think that it is a holiday to be celebrated with good food and company, but I also feel like it should be a day of remembrance for those who are no longer with us.

There are quite a few veterans in my immediate family and I am extremely grateful for their service. Without my dad having served overseas, I would never have been adopted from Romania. Next to my birth mother, I literally owe my life to this man and our country’s military.

Thanks to these fallen soldiers defending the United States of America and allowing us our freedoms I can now proudly say that tiny Satan is my first blood relative I have ever met, held, kissed, hugged, anything you can think of, honestly. These men and women have given everything for us and I am saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a selfless act. I hope all of you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and hopefully next year you will remember that it isn’t just a free day off work.

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