Introducing Nate

Hey, I’m Nate. Not really but we will pretend that is my name.

I’m a 23 year old mother of 4 beautiful children. I was born, raised, and currently reside within the land of the corn and soy beans. (Some might call it southern Indiana)

I am a nerdy mama with a nerdy husband and nerdy kids. I live within many nerd fandoms but my favorite by far is Kingdom Hearts. Many Anime Fandoms follow behind.

My husband and I met in highschool through mutual gamer friends. He was an Xbox gamer and I was a Playstation gamer. Against all odds I decided to not kill the man during our console debates and instead fell in love. (Oh, yes, ultra romantic) We have been together 7 or 8 years but have only been married a year and a half due to postponing our wedding for eons.

Although my love for Kingdom Hearts runs deep I’d not call myself a gamer anymore. I honestly don’t have the time. When I do sit down to vegetate I watch anime instead of gaming. That way I’m not required to use any brain power what’s so ever. (Also I’m less likely to yell at the television screen)

In March 2015 I discovered I was pregnant again with my 4th child. I decided to join a popular baby/pregnancy site because why not? While cruising through the site I met some of the most amazing expectant mothers. A small group of us got extremely close. I am beyond proud to say that they have become some of my best friends despite not meeting yet. We all have various talents and abilities. I’ve learned much from the Weasel Mamas. So we all thought maybe others would and so benefit from our experiences as well. Thus Weasel Tube was born.

I don’t really know if anything I do in my day to day life would count as fun or interesting to others. However if I magically do something cool I’ll make a video to show you guys.

I’ll likely blog about extreme grocery budgeting, easy/practical dinner recipes, allergy friendly foods, surviving 3 kids under 3, how to live despite being “poor”, and whatever else I desire.

I look foward to the possibility of being able to help anyone who follows the blog. (Or who ever found this via Google search, haha)

— ❤❤ Nate

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