It’s been forever . . .

You know when life just happens, and then you end up cooking all this yummy stuff but you don’t have enough time to take pictures, let alone blog it? That’s been me lately. We’ve moved from Houston to Lafayette, Louisiana, and that alone plus some personal family sadness has taken up a few months time. I’m sad because I don’t have my awesome preparation kitchen island anymore, but my kitchen is way more spacious even without it.

I’ve also been doing some experimenting, and you know the first time you do a recipe you don’t really want to go through taking pictures and measuring out stuff just in case it’s terrible. So I have a lot of first time things to put up when I make them again. I’ll give a little sneak peak of what they are. There’s a special one-two punch of creamy garlic potatoes and fresh creamed corn, which I turned the leftovers into an amazing shephard’s pie the next day. It is a little different than your basic one, but hubster definitely approved. I also made some baked grilled cheese croissant puffers that got his seal of approval. I’ve done a take on nummers Mexican food, and I will do a conglomerate blog on all that at once.

That’s just a little bit of what’s coming up. Tomorrow for dinner is grilled pork steak and peas with mashed or fried potatoes. Not sure yet.

Until then, enjoy some shots of food I’ve cooked and instagramed.
homemade tortilla chips
homemade tortilla chips
fried catfish and squash
fried catfish and squash (both zucchini and yellow)
tilapia with cream sauce
tilapia with cream sauce, rice pilaf, and glazed carrots
macaroni and cheese stuffed burger
macaroni and cheese stuffed burger

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