It’s Time!

I had expected the next post (or actually multiple posts, to be honest) to be about our fun trip to
Tennessee to spend time with my friends and family, but something wonderful happened in the interim. This weekend, Easter weekend specifically, I took a home pregnancy test that read a faint positive. Being worried because I’d had a fake positive before, I took two more that day and one more today. I am definitely pregnant! Baby Estepp will be arriving sometime around December 11, 2015 and we are so excited! I cannot wait to meet this little miracle peanut inside me and even more so I just want to know what we’re having so I can start planning for real!

Our first OB appointment is May 7, where I’ll have my first ultrasound and probably quite a bit of testing. I have a lot of questions to ask and I am sure Clayton does as well. He’s been very supportive and already a bit protective which is just the sweetest thing! Then yesterday he had to leave, just two days after finding out, to go offshore for up to four weeks. I know he would have rather stayed home but I did manage to make the doctor appointment for when he got back. It’ll probably be another 2 months after that until we can find out what we’re having, and I am an impatient person. The waiting game is afoot! But at least it’s happening. It worked and it’s happening and I’m so happy. I will post about our vacation soon but for now enjoy our pregnancy announcement!

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