Kosovo Serbia Agreement 2020 Full Text

The creation of separate channels for the promotion of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (as Richard Grenell has done over the past two years), Washington dealing with economic issues and passing the ball to Brussels when it comes to highly political issues, will not solve anything and will perpetuate only regional instability. The overthrow of Albin Kurti`s reformist coalition government, built from the outside in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic in Kosovo (March 2020), the transformation of Serbia into a full authoritarian state, and the bad feelings between Washington and Brussels towards Kosovo should serve as a reminder that unilateral foreign policy measures in the Balkans can have disastrous consequences. The agreements also contain provisions in which Serbia and Kosovo refer to Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and support the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide. [11] More recently, she said, Serbia has intensified its attempts to sabotage the Republic of Kosovo by issuing false arrest warrants, using small states to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo, manipulating their media channels with a constant stream of racist propaganda, and preventing Kosovo`s accession to international organizations such as the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). “What happened to our families, to our lives, is not a devastated or distant memory,” she said, adding that the trauma of Kosovo is also seen today in the context of its more than 1,700 missing people. She called for the return of her bodies and said that Serbia`s denials and hate campaigns could harm Kosovo in the short term, but that in the end they could “do nothing”. There is no point in holding elections without substantial support on the ground. If the North strongly opposes it, there is a risk of violence against the organizers, and polls that require strong protection from KFOR would be useless. Belgrade and Pristina must explain in detail what the agreement means for northern Kosovo.

You should take the time necessary to prepare the soil. “We have not solved our problems, but this agreement is an extraordinary step forward,” Vucic said at the signing ceremony. In the discussion that followed, the members of the Council generally welcomed the recent agreement on economic normalization and the resumption of EU-backed talks. Many delegations called for greater participation of women and youth in the peace process, while calling for unity between both sides in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They also exchanged views on the role of UNMIK, with some insisting that the mission be reviewed, including a reduction option. All previous agreements have been packaged as agreements between Serbia and some external players – the UN or the EU – as substitutes for Kosovo. This is the first high-level agreement between the two states and shows that Serbia can treat Kosovo equally.