Our Fun Tennessee Trip

I am just now getting around to detailing our trip that happened a few weeks ago because of all the baby hububb that happened right after! Now I’ve got a handle on it and can at least give a rundown. It started when we packed ourselves, the dogs, and all the things we’d need for about a week in the jeep and headed north on Highway 59. Texas is a long drive if you are trying to get out of the state from Houston no matter what direction you are going (unless you’re heading to Louisiana, which is only a couple hours). We were going to cross into Arkansas with a first night destination in Little Rock, so we had quite a ways to go. The drive up was fairly uneventful and we made pretty good time, getting checked into our hotel a little before 6 PM. We had plans to have dinner and visit with some friends that we’ve played World of Warcraft with for ages, so that was on the agenda. We all met at Texas Roadhouse and had mediocre steaks and appetizers. While the food was fairly disappointing, the friendship and conversation was not. I’m glad we got to spend that time and meet people we’ve been knowing for over five years. I had a good time and hope to get that way to see them again.

The hotel was okay – the rest was fine, though I woke up at 8 am and couldn’t sleep so I decided to pack up the car and get on the road, letting Clayton sleep a little more before it was his turn to drive. We stopped somewhere on the other side of Memphis at a Dunkin Donuts, much to my husband’s happy surprise! We got him a half dozen of donuts and me some coffee, let the dogs potty and switched drivers. He drove the rest of the way to Murfreesboro, TN where we found our hotel and checked in. It was a Motel 6 which was very convenient to everything so that was nice. The bed was a queen sized bed, which in hindsight I wouldn’t do again with all of us there. Other than that? Besides a really weird cramped shower the stay there wasn’t too bad. Saturday evening we stopped and visited with my grandparents and then my mother, stopping by the most iconic Mexican restaurant in Lebanon, Los Compadres. After that we met up with a high school friend of mine and her husband for drinks and a little accoustic live music. It was fun and they invited us to church with them the next morning, which we took them up on. After that it was a trip to Cookeville, TN to visit with my aunts and uncles and family.

My dad, his wife, and my aunts and uncles that were there

I was a little bit nervous about this because I am quite outspoken in my views, both social and political and it does not always match up with those of the rest of my extended family. It went very well and the dinner was fantastic. After we’d all eaten my sweet Aunt Dianna brought out her upright bass, and my uncle Terry Shayne grabbed his guitar and we had a little pick-fest. I really enjoyed the time and it seemed like it went too fast. But we weren’t done with the day! It was then off to my brother and his wife’s new house, which was gorgeous. The paint colors in the interior were just gorgeous. I approve. The dogs got to play with their little pup cousin and they had a blast. My brother makes the most fantastic chicken and dumplings around (maybe one day he’ll let me post the recipe) and we hung around until it was time to go home, relax, and get some good rest.

I think that’s enough for one post – Monday – Wednesday will be in yet another one!

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