Introducing Missy!

Hi my friends! I am Missy. I was born and raised in California, right about where Google and Apple have set up shop. When I was a teenager we had to pick up and relocate all the way across the country to the frozen tundra that is the Northeast. It was either that or get a passport and learn to speak Taiwanese. It actually turns out that I enjoy the snow. The move also led me to my husband and two beautiful children, for which I am constantly incredibly grateful.

When I’m not harassing my eldest about homework and tooth-brushing or babbling with and feeding my squishball, I love to make crafts. Some of which I half-ass in the interest of keeping my hands busy, others I agonize over to perfection.

In all honesty, I like to get things *just right*. I like to try new endeavors and see what happens. I am also lazy if I can get away with it. So my specialty is doing really neat things, really well, with minimal effort because let’s be real, here; if you want to do something cool and have it work in real life, you need to be able to do it quick and painlessly. Probably also with at least one child begging for attention.

I can’t wait to get this project started with all my dearly loved fellow Mama Weasels here on A Dash of Mama. I just know this is going to be great!