Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi! I am Roro. I was born and raised about an hour outside of beautiful Philadelphia, PA and now reside on the sunny beaches of Florida. I count that move as the best decision of my life. Besides getting me away from the snow, it led to meeting my husband, who was a single father of 4 when I met him. I adopted his 2 youngest girls, and we have been blessed with another daughter and a son together. Our 4 kids range from newbie to college aged, and always keep us on our toes. They are my greatest pride and joy.

Besides my little darlings, some of my favorite things include: soaking up rays on the beach, camping, sports (especially the Philly teams), listening to music, and gardening. My contributions to A Dash of Mama will include simple projects to do with the babes, going on adventures with the babes, and plenty of outtakes.

I think my favorite part of this project is working with this group of ladies I love and am so glad to have met. The Weasel family has become an extension of my own family, and really, truly, some of my very best friends. I love how diverse of a group we are, yet we can all relate to each other, learn from each other, and grow with each other.

Please be sure to leave me a comment. I’d like to meet our readers!

A Short History of the “Weasels”:

Our group of friends met on a popular baby-themed forum. We were all expecting new bundles of joy around the same time. From a forum of more than 20,000 users, a small group of about 20 of us grew closer, and began to lean on each other as real friends. Soon, we found ourselves becoming friends on other social media sites. From there, we’ve expanded to real-life meetings and this new endeavor, on A Dash of Mama the blog, and the soon-to-launch youTube channel.