The Four Agreements Vs Christianity

The solution, according to Ruiz, is the four agreements. Create our own new chords and accredit based on how this world really works. This creates a new reality in which we can live. This is where Ruiz`s four agreements come into play. “4: Always do your best.” Isn`t that what propels us through our faith (or other beliefs)? To be the best we can do, either for God or for ourselves? Helping others make their lives and the lives of everyone around them (and not around you) easier and better? For me, these agreements talk about helping others whenever they can do their best not to be a burden to everyone around you, simply to be the best you can, either by following your faith or your personal faith. The other way to interpret this agreement is this: God knows what is best for them, that is why it is to follow the Bible and do your best, according to the Bible, what God wants from you. In the end, only He knows what is right for all of us, regardless of what we believe in. You completely missed the value of Ruiz`s book. It really isn`t as self-centered, as you announce, in fact in one of the chapters, it says that in assumptions, it`s a form of self-absorption, because you assume that everything goes above you. I don`t see how a man who encourages us to be people of integrity and to work hard is a magician. Your comments make you sound like a religious fanatic.

While it is good to recognize the literature of the new age, it is also important for you to see its value, at least it is more inclusive than Christianity. Nothing about the philosophy of the new era spares other beliefs, while the Bible condemns marriages between homosexuals, it condemns among other things the time it spends with non-disciples… In conclusion, I see the immense value in the Four Agreements, but the enabling of the agreements requires the Holy Spirit. It is interesting to note that Ruiz concludes the book by discussing spiritual warriors. It all starts with consciousness – unfortunately, most people are not aware of their condition or situation. Consciousness is the first step. Don Miguel Ruiz`s “The Four Agreements” was published in 1997 and has been on the New York Times bestseller list for seven years. She encouraged people to lead more fulfilling lives with four general orientations, in order to avoid unnecessary worries and suffering.

These “agreements” can be associated with the Christian faith by examining the Ten Commandments and the lessons of the Bible. My last review was 12 Rules For Life by Jordan B Peterson. I think it`s a great book, but once I put it on the shelf, I remembered, as well as Peterson`s advice is that the foundation was always based on principles. I was stunned for a while when my mind and heart fought with the basics to change his own life. Then I spied on don Miguel Ruiz`s four chords on my shelf almost next to my newcomer. Agreements, yes, I remembered reading the Four Accords years ago, and I found the concept of agreements as amania of life and relationships from the point of view of agreements and not principles. So I`m rereading the book, and here`s my review. I hope you enjoy it. Ruiz calls it “personal sense.” The concept deals with the idea that we consider ourselves the center of the universe. Especially unconsciously.

People think that everything that is going on is about us. But nothing that others do is really above us.