The Status Quo

It’s official: I have the most perfect baby ever.

I know a lot of people say that, but hear me out. he’s three months today and already sleeping well. He’ll do a 6-8 hour stretch and then at least one more 2 or so hour stretch after that. I’m getting enough rest – well, except for the last few nights but he just had his shots so part of that is my anxiety and paranoia keeping myself up to watch him. Last night he had trouble falling asleep, but once he did he slept good so we just slept in today. But his sleep habits that rival his daddy is not the reason why we have the most perfect baby ever. Well, not the only reason anyway.

He’s so chill. He doesn’t cry unless there is something wrong. Sometimes he fusses when he’s a bit bored or wants to move, but the Mamaroo we got just clears that right up. By the way? I know it’s a bit of an investment (we took advantage of the Babies R’ Us trade in event that allowed us to trade in an old used bouncer I’d picked up at a consignment sale for like $10 to get 25% off of a new purchase, so it was about 70 dollars cheaper than it actually would’ve been purchasing outright) but it is worth its weight in gold. While Kristopher would sit in the bouncer and rest sometimes, he got bored easily and would fuss until someone picked him up and walked him around. The roo has 5 different motions and 5 different speeds, and even has a bluetooth hookup and you can play mp3s or playlists through it. (Note: I have a Galaxy Note5 and it is incompatible because it’s the newest phone and the software version is too advanced or something. I could still plug it in via the jack and play music if I wanted to, though) He will sit in it quietly and talk to me, watch Little Einsteins, Curious George, or Daniel Tiger (our three favorites! I personally love Little Einsteins) and he will nap for long stretches as well.

I am one lucky mama. He is advancing well enough (except for things like rolling and tummy time because he still pretty much hates that). He loves to talk, coo, laugh and smile at mama and he’s already sleeping well through the night. He hasn’t gone to his own bed because we’re going on a trip next month and he’ll be in the pack and play for that. Plus, he hasn’t hit that 4 month mark yet. To be honest, we’ll probably start the crib transition when Clayton is home in April. I kind of like having him close by when it’s just the two of us at home.

Coming soon: A pic dump of special photos from month-birthdays and holidays so far!

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