The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I am a rather impatient person. As I write this it’s a Tuesday afternoon and we are leaving for a little mini vacation to visit my family on Friday and I literally am going antsy waiting on the time to pass to get here. There’s a few reasons for this though. See, I know when I need time to pass quickly I just jam lots of activities into the days leading up to it and I’m usually so busy that the days just fly by. Tonight we have orchestra rehearsal and a few things to do the next few days, but at this very moment I’m sitting here watching the minutes tick by ever so slowly. There’s something even more urgent on my horizon though, something that will happen after the trip is over: I’ll find out if we are on the way to being parents.

I got the exciting smiley face on my ovulation monitor last week on Thursday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we took special measures to try to further parent-becoming along (without going into too many details) and even those extra special tricks to try to conceive a girl. (Note: if our future child ever reads this and you in fact did turn out to be a boy, don’t fret. We’ll love you just as much, I promise! and I won’t be disappointed!)

Now that last weekend has passed, it should be the first part of April (like the 4th or 5th really) that I can feasibly test and get an accurate answer. Considering I have two First Response tests, I might test the day we get home because they are typically good at testing early. I will undoubtedly test four or five times, especially if I get a positive result, considering the last mishap we had. I want to be 100% sure it’s happening! Then the task of finding a new obgyn will start. So much excitement!

I promise not every post I write is going to be about having kids or the process thereof. I’m going to probably make a large picture filled post (or two) about the trip when we go, and I’m sure there’ll be some Easter goodies and whatnot as well. I’m actually excited to use this site as a journal of sorts. So hopefully people will like to come along on the journey with us.

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