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I am 9 weeks and a few days pregnant now. It’s insane how it feels like time is creeping by right now and yet then again it’s not. I’m dealing with all the fun first trimester gripes: extreme fatigue, nausea and sickness (not just morning, because that’s a myth) and a chest so sore at times I wish I could just cut it off. I’ve had my first ultrasound and my new obgyn dated me at about a week behind what I’d thought for myself which puts my new due date at December 18. No big deal, really. I’ll still be scheduling a C-section before then so it’s all gravy. The ultrasound pic doesn’t look like much more than a blur but I am super excited that the heartbeat was strong and baby was healthy.

This is a new doctor for me. We’re new in town since last November so I was picking a new lady doctor as I’d just gotten all my yearly maintenance done in August back in Louisiana. At the beginning of the year I thought we’d actually gotten pregnant almost as soon as I’d gone off birth control, but it was a false alarm. The obgyn that I picked out was really rude and had 0 bedside manner at all. She told me all kinds of things like “Women like me” don’t ovulate and that I shouldn’t get pregnant even if I could. Fast forward to a few months later when we nailed it on the first try and I’m normal and healthy. Needless to say, I’m not using that doctor anymore.

Due to that terrifying appointment, I was really apprehensive when I met my new doctor. She was amazing! Listened to my questions, helped take care of any doubts, involved the husband in the whole process… it was awesome. I will be making an appointment this week to see a MFM high risk doctor, due to my age and diabetic status, and hopefully get some testing that lets me find out gender early because I am all about knowing what I’m going to have as soon as possible.

These are good times. The first trimester is kicking my behind but I’m dealing with it. I have an amazing protective and supportive husband that’s not letting me go at my normal pace and it’s nice that he worries. I am truly blessed in so many ways.

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