Uc Davis Guaranteed Transfer Agreement

This page serves only as a common thread. For more detailed and specific advice on your needs, please contact your institution`s transfer advisor, contact ASSIST or contact the Engineering Undergraduate Office at (530) 752-1979. Some majors are considered selective and have additional requirements for all applicants. Day requirements may exceed these main selective course requirements, both the essential requirements and the selective TAG requirements must be met. Meet the main selective course requirements described until the end of the spring semester before the transfer. It is recommended that applicants achieve the minimum GPA required for courses in the following groups or series that have been completed at the time of application. The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a written agreement that guarantees admission to UC Davis in a major subject given by a California Community College (CCC). If you are a transfer student who has met the requirements of another UC campus, you do not need to meet the UC Davis General Education requirement. Please, however, follow these steps to ensure that this information is contained in your UC Davis registration: If you are applying as a transfer student at UC Davis and have a particular situation, you will know how to plan for this. These include students who hope to get a second bachelor`s degree, apply for winter or spring terms, change before the junior year or non-graduates.