Use Of Church Facility Agreement

Does your church allow outside groups to use your facilities? What safeguards do you put in place? Leave your comments below. A construction use agreement is only part of the equation. Another important factor in limiting adhesion is keeping your facilities in good working order. If someone falls down the stairs because your handrail is loose, the guilt will probably fall directly on the church. Attention Churches in the former Kansas East property insurance pool: This form is also a great way to track who uses which church establishment and when they use it to help organize and eliminate confusion, which will in turn be worth the few minutes to fill out the form. Take this important step before sharing your ecclesiastical institutions with an external group It is best for each group that has your institution to have insurance. Your facility use agreement should include an insurance clause in the language. If the group has insurance, protecting your church is simple. Simply ask them to designate your Church as an additional insured in its general liability insurance and present you with a certificate of insurance attesting that your church has been added. This entrusts the primary responsibility to their insurance and not to that of the Church. Customers are not familiar with your building, so they may not know how to find the nearest exit or phone in case of emergency. You may not even know the name or address of the department – essential details for first aid in an emergency.

Before allowing a new group to use your building, you will provide a package of information that a person should reasonably know about your installation. The form below for the rental of ecclesiastical facilities is used when the church collects a fee for the use of its facilities for events such as weddings, anniversaries, dinners, etc. This special form is also an example of a rental directive and prices for ecclesiastical institutions. In order to limit the liability your church assumes, all groups that borrow or lease your facilities must sign an Facilities Use Agreement. Ideally, an agreement would include a language that requires the group to do so: once you have developed a contract to use the construction, corrected known defects and decided how to secure the property of the church, while others use the building, it is time to warmly welcome the groups you wish to host. One thing many churches do not think about is their potential responsibility if they allow outside groups or other churches to use their facilities. Some churches may have a martial arts group, Scouts, daycare or a separate church that uses the building. If someone in the group is injured on their property, the church could be held responsible as the owner of the property. Such accidents can not only expose the church to legal liability, but also increase the Church`s insurance premiums. The good news is that you can minimize ecclesiastical liability by a user contract. Because of our current economy and contact programs for various other minority groups, many churches occupy all or part of the ecclesiastical institutions.

Many main lines have closed their Sunday evening services, allowing other establishments to rent or use their current facility. Other facilities may have long-term or short-term use for events or activities such as the use of a gymnasium or larger church building to host a larger event. Link to the full printable version at the end of this page. The headquarters of the loan or rental of church buildings to outside organizations is that your church may be held responsible for accidents or injuries, even if you were not the sponsor of the event. It is easy to believe that the group and its members would be responsible for their own actions, but often they are not. As a landowner, you