Wait for it . . .

So, long time it seems since I’ve posted a recipe or artwork. That is 100% my fault. Everything has been happening at once around here. The boy graduates from college on May 19, and we have been scrambling to find him post-grad work. After a series of emails and interviews, he got hired on! And the company will be paying to move us to Houston. So we’ve been packing, organizing, traveling back and forth to find a house, etc and there’s not much time right now for creating or cooking. We’ve been eating out a ton and this isn’t “Eating Out and Art”. SO! What you have to look forward to:

A slew of “holy crap look what I came up with in the kitchen” posts when I move. This kitchen quadruples the size of what I’m working with now. Within a month or so I want new pots and pans. I want to CREATE! And I’m going to have my own crafting room. All of this together is making me so excited for this blog – but it’s a few weeks away. So stay tuned!

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