Wednesday Gratitude – Almost A Week Late

I feel like the worst person in the world for missing last week’s gratitude post. I’ve been adjusting to insulin and spending time with people and I just let the week get away with me. I’d meant to do it after my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, but then – oops! It just kept going on and here we are on Monday.

I really want to be consistent with this so I will be updating again this week. Keeping it real!

1. My Excellent Prenatal Care

I am so fortunate to have the doctors that I have. Not only do I have a kind, compassionate amazing obstetrician but I have a maternal fetal medicine doctor that is absolutely amazing. This entire team is working to manage any complications that come through and so far so good; should any health problems arise, I have every confidence that we will tackle it (and win) together. With hearing horror stories of people that want new doctors, that think theirs is unkind and uncaring. I’ve never once felt anything but comfortable in either doctor’s office … well, except for when the sonogram presses in deeply.

2. A Healthy Baby At My Age

I just am glad that at almost 38 years old and as a diabetic with high(ish) blood pressure there has been, so far, no abnormalities detected or chromosomal deformities. The risk gets increasingly higher as you age and yet the baby we are having seems to be perfectly fine. The knowledge of this has cancelled out any sort of misgivings about the gender of the baby, even though I was so set on having a girl. Healthy trumps everything, right?

3. Being Creative and Crafty

We knew from the beginning if we had a boy, we’d be doing our nursery in the Despicable Me minions theme. I will be posting a nursery update soon but I have started working on it. There really are no nursery decorations, no crib sets, no anything in minions style. I found some wall decals and cute little toy chests at Michael’s but everything else? I am making it myself. Luckily I have found cloth at Wal Mart and Jo Ann’s fabrics. I have gotten three types of minions cloth and a few solid colors to coordinate. Right now I’ve got one crib bumper side and half of the blanket done. After looking online and seeing custom crib sets for upwards of $500-600 and that’s not counting decor, curtains or anything, I’m going to come out with most of our decorations and bedding for under $50 because I am designing and making it all myself. Then, once it’s all ready, I will possibly sell other sets. I’m just thankful that God gave me the creative ability to do all of this on my own for a fraction of the price.

I really, really have a lot to be thankful for and I’m reminded of that every time I make these posts. So that being said, I think it’s a good thing. I will keep on them and hopefully do them in a little more timely fashion.

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