Wednesday Gratitude Time Again!

I had to make sure I didn’t forget to make a Wednesday gratitude post. I have the tendency sometimes to start something with good intentions and then just not follow through. I get busy, I can’t be bothered to do something on the same day every day, things like that. I have plenty to be thankful for this week, and while I was hoping knowing the gender of baby E would be on that list, I haven’t gotten that magical call yet. I really want to call in and stalk them to see if it’s come in, but I won’t. I’ll be strong. Only a few more days, right? So without further ado, here is what I am most thankful for today:

1. A Clean Breast Ultrasound

I’d been having some sharp bordering on severe pain in one of the girls and my doctor, after not feeling anything out of the ordinary, decided to send me down for an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. It was today and those results came back immediately. Everything looked normal and fine. Of course I’m still hurting periodically, but as long as I know there’s nothing wrong I can deal with that. Everything is just fine. Now if only my other test results would come in!

2. Our Family’s Adaptability

Earlier this week we were given a pretty sudden shock: instead of the nice Monday-Friday here in Houston job my husband was going to be given, he’s being transferred to Canada for six months to a year. He’ll fly to some northern remote part of British Columbia for four weeks, then come home for four weeks off and on until the end of November when he’ll be off for the baby’s arrival. I know we’ve been doing this for three years but there was a finite end to it and we were looking forward to this next hitch being his last one. Now we’ve got to adjust all over again. And while I know this seems like it’s a bit of complaining, it’s really just back story. I was upset and worried but we’ll get through it. The outpouring of support and friendship from people as I talked about it on Facebook and in person was quite good. We have a great network of family and friends to support us and help keep us sane and ultimately we will adapt and get through it and that’s what I love about our family.

3. Sleep, Glorious Sleep . . .

As I progress further along I am finding more of my energy; however, I still am needing a good night’s sleep to recharge to tackle my day. The weekends are tough for me because I have to get up so early on Sunday mornings (for a great reason) and i almost always take a nap when we get home Sunday afternoons. Right now, I’m completely thankful for any ounce of sleep I get.

That’s it for today! Hopefully the next post I make will be announcing what gender this little bean is!

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