Which Of The Following May A Customer Purchase Through An Open Value Company Wide Agreement

Comparison of commercial and government licensing contracts Q: How to obtain product materials? A: You can download media for free using the Microsoft Licensing Service Centre (VLSC). You can also ask Microsoft to send you media such as CDs/DVDs and manuals for licensed products in your initial order. This support can be used for several licensed installations of the same product. Supports are not provided for future orders unless they are paid in advance at the time of ordering. Q: Can qualified academic and charitable organizations use open value? A: Yes, academic and charitable organizations are welcome to participate in open value; However, no special prices are offered. Academic and charitable organizations are encouraged to participate in the Open License for Academic and Open License for Charities Program Options tailored to their needs. Q: Can government authorities obtain licenses through open value? A: Yes, qualified government agencies can use open value for the government. This program offers the same benefits as the open-ended commercial program, combined with favourable government-friendly pricing requirements and a one- or three-year contract term. Eligibility conditions depend on your territory scheme. Information on definitions of government adequacy by region can be found in www.microsoftvolumelicensing.com/DocumentSearch.aspx?Mode=3&DocumentTypeId=6. Note that open value to the government is not available in all countries. Please check with your dealer about availability in your area.

Q: How can we check the status of open value orders? A: Microsoft offers open value order confirmation via the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) on licensing.microsoft.com. You can check orders, insurance software benefits, transaction history and other license details and manage licenses. Q: How can we participate in the Open Value? A: Please e-mail us deepak.hanspal@bitscape.com or call us on `91 – 79 – 65530689 / `91 96 3823 4256 / `91 86 9003 3030 To learn more about Microsoft products, services and support options, or to learn more about any Microsoft volume licensing offer, check out www.microsoft.com/licensing. For more information on the various options, see www.microsoft.com/licensing/programs/open /openvalue.mspx Q: What are the benefits of open value? How can we assess whether open value is the right one for our organization? A: Think about open value if your organization has only five desktop computers and you are interested in the following benefits: Q: What are the price levels available with open value? A: Open Value offers a unique price level with additional savings for customers interested in the “Organization-Wide” option. In some countries, there is an additional price level for organizations with the Open Value Organization-Wide option, which order licenses for at least 250 qualified desktop PCs via their initial order.