Wonderland of Emotions

Pregnant emotions are like a roller coaster. When they’re good, they’re great. It’s like gleefully soaring and glowing and everything you read about and watch on tv. The low points? The low points are terrible. And it’s been pretty low the last couple of days. I’ve been quite stressed over some very heavy stuff (not relationship related, of course, because that’s just near perfect). It’s the kind of stuff that keeps one up at night. I should know better than to worry like I do, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to take my anxiety medicine because it’s not baby safe. It just amplifies every little concern I have. I know that if you pray about it and give it up it’s going to be ok, and that proved itself to be true today. The worries I had were all taken care of and I am able to relax, because let’s face it – worrying and stress is bad for baby.

I’m thankful for living in the area that I do and going to the church that I do. Having friends and family around makes all the difference in the world and having the loving supporting family that is our church home has been a bigger comfort than I had even imagined. Their love and support made me sob like a little baby in a good way. While my emotions are insane, I am appreciative of every little feeling I feel. It means I’m pregnant and happy. I have a week until another round of doctor’s appointments. I see my Maternal Fetal Medicine (high risk) doctor, Dr. Earhart, Thursday morning and then my regular ob/gyn Dr. Zhavala that afternoon. I am anxious to see that everything is coming along well.

My husband continues to be a pillar of strength and the biggest helper I could have. While I know that him going back offshore would be a monetary help right now with the cutbacks his job made, I do have to admit that I’m happy to have him here for next week’s appointments. It’ll be a comfort not having to be alone.

This is an endeavor and not every minute is going to be perfect. Fortunately, I have a great support system and everything is going to be just fine. My faith is strong.

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